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We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Custom Made Hand Tufted Carpets in India equivalent to international standards since 1993. Our factory is located in Panipat, a small town close to Delhi. We can produce the carpet in any design with any number of colors of your choice and in any size. The quality of carpet depends on the density of yarn. If the pile is very closely weaved then the carpet will be more durable. Carpet absorbs much of the sound and is ideal for cushioning of our footsteps, reducing slips and falls.

We manufacture wall to wall contract carpets for hotels. We provide our carpets in various colors, sizes, thickness and variables as per the requirement of our client. We do quality check at every step of manufacturing the carpet i.e. designing, tracing, weaving, latex, finishing or even packing. We provide the service of installation of carpet anywhere in India. We guarantee to deliver the carpet on time.

We have a vast experience and specialization in custom made carpets. A custom made carpet is for a consumer who wants the carpet as per his own choice of colors, design, shape and size. It adds soul and comfort to your interior. You may have a detailed presentation or just a quick sketch or a photograph as inspiration, we will create the carpet that is perfectly suited to your project.

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